Welcome to RWC

Citizens Make a City

Role of Coordinator of RWC

  1. Concern himself/herself with the constitution of the RWC in designated wards under the Assembly seat.
  2. Collation of List of Applications from RWAs of each ward under the assembly seat.
  3. Facilitation of formation of RWC in each Ward under the assembly seat.
  4. Recording of lists of the members of the RWC.
  5. Forwarding of the List so prepared to each Councillor of the ward along with formal covering letter [See URJA website/RWC website for pro-forma].
  6. Facilitate appointment of Conveners of each RWC.
  7. Hand-hold each Convener in the calling of the first RWC meeting [See Documents required for such procedures].
  8. Supervise as Observer the fist fewmeetings of the RWC under his charge.

Role of Conveners of RWC

  1. Maintain list and records of Ward Committee Members.
  2. Coordinate and Call meetings of the RWC on designated date.
  3. Minute the meetings.
  4. File minutes / photographs in the RWC-MC.
  5. Be responsible for following rules and regulations of the operations of RWC.
  6. Work in close cooperation with the RWC coordinator for the ward to follow up actions.
  7. Be well versed with the internet and possess a valid email ID and operate it regularly.
  8. Shall not hold any position in any political party.
  9. Shall discharge his duties without fear and favour and equally for the benefit of all constituents of the RWC.