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People's Action is an advocacy group set up in 2002- 03 with the express intent of impacting governance at all levels within the state of Delhi and the National Capital Region [NCR] of Delhi. People's Action is registered under the Societies Act of 1860 Led by its founder Sanjay Kaul, People’s Action has spearheaded many successful campaigns in the field of civic governance including in the sectors of power, water, public transport, municipal electoral reforms and pioneered the unification of multifarious Resident Welfare Associations onto a dynamic and forceful collective platform. In Gurgaon, the group has led a powerful movement to confederate voters and demand better governance from elected representatives apart from agitating on various city specific issues.

People Action, has recently signed a MoU with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi through it’s RWA wing URJA [United Residents Joint Action] to assist the corporation in setting up Resident Ward Committees ( RWC)across the 272 wards of Delhi. The RWC scheme has been conceptualized by the group as a means of enhancing citizen participation in local governance, improving transparency in the corporation and accountability of elected representatives. To accomplish this task, URJA has nominated its members to 70 assembly segments of the state of Delhi and who in turn are entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating the RWC in each of the 4 wards under their charge. To see the full range of our operations, please go to www.peoplesaction.net