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Welcome to the website of the Residents Ward Committee of Delhi. Authored by the advocacy group People’s Action, initiated by the MCD and being implemented by the apex body of residents in Delhi, URJA, it is a pioneering scheme designed to change the urban governance The effects of this scheme, in the spirit of the 74th constitutional amendment are to provide a say to residents in deciding how their neighbourhoods will be developed. Once fully implemented it will result in transparent and equitable civic governance without the customary arbitrariness witnessed in the past. We welcome you and urge you to join us in this movement towards a progressive society.

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URJA, the apex body of RWA in Delhi, was set up in 2005 and gathers, analyzes, disseminates information & aggregates public opinion to demand efficient delivery of civic amenities, health services, security, clean air and water to residents of Delhi through an accountable, efficient and responsive Government. We connect and network with 2500 RWA apart from several significant NGOs.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is among the largest municipal bodies in the world providing civic services to more than estimated population of 13.78 million citizens in the capital city. It is next only to Tokyo in terms of area. Within its jurisdiction are some of the most densely populated areas in the world.


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